Monday 1 December 2014

Fall 2014 final Oral Exam.

There will be three audio questions and three face-to-face questions.

Audio questions:

1) Adjective/ adverb
2) idiom
3) dictation

Unit 8 (p122)
What kind of guy/girl do you like?
What kind of coffee do you like?

Unit 9
What are some dreams or hopes for your future?
What goals have you set for this year?  Are you achieving them?
Tell me about 2 things on your bucket list?
Adjectives:  This book is _______.  This classroom is ______.  Your jacket is______...
Adverbs: Brian teaches ______.  Cheetahs run ____.  "I walk to school ____ but I walk home _______"...
Ask Brian about one of his hopes, dreams or goals.

Unit 10
Student  (not job) interview questions

  • How are you  a better candidate than your classmates?
  • What are your strengths?  Give examples to support your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses.  How do you manage or fix your weaknesses?
  • What are your soft skills?
  • What are your hard skills?

Ask Brian 2 job interview questions.
What is your major?
What should you do if you want good grades?
 Give advice for 1st year students.
What are some regrets you have?
 What are you proud of?

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Unit 10 regrets

I drank too much last night.
It is cold out.
I'm hungry.
My boy/girl friend is angry with me.
--I/S/he/ you should have _________________.
He failed math class.
She was late for class.
He drove and hit a pedestrian while using his phone.
Brian was angry -because Minjo was late for the exam.
-because Dong-hyeon sneezed on him.
-because Dong-jin stole his pen.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Fall 2014 Midterm

This miderm will be in two parts.  Part 1 is audio - students will listen to two questions and answer them.  Then one dictaction of two sentences.
Part 2 consists of three questions what Brian will ask the student or the student will ask Brian.
Audio Questions
1) Look at a map and listen to the country name.  Where is the country?
2) Look at the hand signs and listen to the meaning.  Which hand sign is it?  OR Look at the emoticons and listen to the meaning. Which emoticon is it?
3) Dictation: Listen to the two sentences and write them down.
One-to-one questions
Unit 6
Ask Brian 4 questions about a past trip.
Ask Brian 4 questions about a future trip.   Brian gives short answers
Brian asks you one question about a past trip.
Brian asks you one question about a future trip.  Give Brian a full answer.
Look at the immigration card. Brian will take the role of an immigration official and ask you questions about the card.

Unit 7
What gesture is OK in Korea but not in the USA and Canada?
How can  you help people after a disaster?

Unit 8
What 2 presentation tips would you recommend to someone?
Who is your Mrs/Mr Right?  Describe four things about them.