Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring Midterm Exam 2011

The midterm exam will take place over two class between April 13 and 19.  Half the class will attend the first day and half the second day.  Brian will ask each student 5 questions from the list below.  Examples and appropriate answers will be discussed in the final class before the exam.

1) What's your family name?
2) Where in Korea are you from?
3) What's your email address?
4) Ask Brian 3 introduction questions - age, nationality, major, job, hobby, …
5) Do you live with your parents? On campus? …

6) What do you do ___(time expression -p15,17)___?
7) How often do you ___(have English class)___?
8) What kind of exercise do you do?
9) How do you spend your time on a computer?
10) Ask Brian, "What do you usually do ___(time expression)___?" and 2 follow-up questions.

11) What is your favorite kind of movie?  Why do you like it?  Can you give me an example?
12) What is your favorite kind of ___(music, sport, class)___? Why do you like it?
13) Invite Brian to a movie or sports event. - page 23 conversation.
14) Brian invites you to a movie or sports event.  Answer '"yes".
15) Brian invites you to a movie or sports event.  Answer "no".

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