Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Spring 2011 Final Exam

CLASS#229 -  you are EST.  Please go to http://cbt.dongseo.ac.kr/ and click on "EST".
Class# 107, 113, 158, 209
Exam is based on Units 3-6, finishing with page 42.
Below are 11 questions and I will ask 5 in the exam.

1) When is your birthday?
2) What is today's day and date?
3) What time is it now?
4) When does English class start?

5) Look at this map. Where is the bakery?
6) How can I get to the bathroom?
7) How can I get to _(Peomeosa)_?
8) Are there any good festivals in Busan?

9) What are you going to do _(future time)_? + follow up questions.
10) Ask Brian, "What are you going to do_(future time)_?" + 2 follow up questions.
11) Tell Brian something that you might/ probably/ will do _(future time)_.

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