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Unit 1, Listen Up "A helping Hand"

From Page 15 of Dongseo University's 2nd year ESL textbook, Move On, this is a supplement for the conversation.

university clubs

Do you belong to any campus clubs?  Any off-campus clubs?  As a student, I was a member of -at different times- an outdoors club, a chemistry club, a lifeguarding club and a cycling club.

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second class conversations




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Introduction conversation:

A: Hi. I'm ______. What's your name?

B: My name is _______. I'm ____ years old. How old are you?

A: _____. I'm from _____. Where are you from?

B: I'm from ____. I'm living ______. Where are you living? (with my parents / in an apartment / in the dorm)

A: _____. I like _____.What's your hobby?

B: I like ____....Ah, it's nice to meet you.

A: Nice to meet you, too. Bye.

At school introduction conversation:

What school do you go to? ---

What year are you in?

What's your major?

What courses are you taking this semester?

Do you live on campus?


good english but strange questions:

Do you find your classes difficult?

Do you ever ask questions in class?

Do you ever come to class late?

Do you ever skip class?