Sunday, 27 November 2011

Final Exam, Fall 2011

This exam is for my Monday/Wednesday 4:00pm students only.
Brian will ask five (5) of these questions.

Unit 10
1) Take a message from Brian for ----.  Ask appropriate questions and repeat the message at the end.

Unit 11
2) When have  you felt ______________(annoyed/ frustrated/ ...)?

3) "IDIOM" - How do I feel?
Idiom - I got steamed up.  I blew up.  You're driving me up the wall.

4) Describe a class to me.  How do you feel about it and why?

Unit 12
5) Tell me about your character.

6)What kind of person would you like to date (for your teacher, for your roommate)?

7) What kind of place would you like to live in (work in, visit...)?

8) What would you do if __________(Brian gave you an A+)?

9) How did ______(your blind date, you job interview, your project, your presentation)___ go?

10) Give advice.  I'm __(really nervous)__.  What would you do if  you were in my shoes?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Choose a favorite animal and other personality tests


Then go here to see if the animal matches your personality.

another personality questionaire here.

Are you masculine or feminine?

  • 1 I am a blunt person
  • 2 I criticise people
  • 3 I am a little sarcastic
  • 4 I ask a lot of questions in a conversation, to find out about people, their thoughts, etc
  • 5 I rarely admit I am wrong about something when I am in a conversation
  • 6 I make eye-contact and use body language in conversations
  • 7 I generalise
  • 8 I get personal with people in conversations; I may even gossip about a mutual friend
  • 9 I compliment people spontaneously
  • 10 I use four-letter words, coarse language
  • 11 I like to talk about myself
  • 12 I am a good listener
  • 13 I prefer to talk about non-personal topics, such as unemployment, the economy, current affairs ...
  • 14 I usually talk about personal problems, people, their way of being, hopes, desires, my family ...
  • 15 I get personal when I write a letter to someone, but not face to face in a conversation
  • 16 I help to keep a conversation flowing, I am not provocative, controversial, confrontational ...
  • 17 I like to get my say, get in a few comments, no matter what the topic
  • 18 I don't assert something, but I might preface a comment with "I think, I suppose, perhaps"
  •  19 I talk a lot
  • 20 If I ask a question, it is generally a yes-no answer I am looking for
  • 21 I don't mind talking about a situation where I was embarrassed,humiliated and so on

  • Tuesday, 8 November 2011

    Idioms of Emotion

    From: My Place For English.

    Match the sentences containing English idioms of mood/emotion (in bold) with the adjectives above:
    1.- When I received the concert tickets for Muse I was on cloud nine!
    2.- When my sister opened her birthday card and a cheque fell out she was tickled pink.
    3.- When my brother returned home from the pub late last night I could see that he was pie-eyed.
    4.- When I was waiting to go on stage to perform in front of the whole school I had butterflies in my stomach.
    5.- When I finished my twelve hour shift at the supermarket I was completely zonked out.
    6.- When Alan Forrester looked me in the eye at registration this morning I went weak at the knees.
    7.- When my brother kept playing the same Rihanna song over and over again at full volume I told him, "You're driving me up the wall!"
    8.- When I went on the Big One rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach my heart was in my mouth.
    9.- When my brother wouldn't stop going on about problems with his love life I told him not to be such a moaning Minnie.
    10.- When my dad came home from work and just slumped in his armchair without saying a word, I asked him, "Why the long face?"

    Sunday, 6 November 2011

    Wednesday, 2 November 2011

    Free Rice!

    This seems an interesting site for English study, and also for literature and chemsitry.  I don't know if anyone really gets 'free rice' but I hope so.

    Tuesday, 1 November 2011

    two sleepers

    my acting students pulled an all-nighter rehearsal and stumbled into class.  Most of the class time was active enough but some students flagged at the end.