Sunday, 27 April 2014

Reminder: Blog posts # 2 and #3 are due this Wednesday.

Two blog posts, on your choice of subjects - but not repeating post #1, are due soon.

Remember, they need to be 25 words long.

Tell me more about yourself.

The original post about homework can be found here.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring 2014 midterm

Unit 1
1 What's your major?
2 Name 2 major courses you are taking.
3 Name two mandatory but non-major courses you are taking.
4 Take a course with Brian?  No   -dirty, mean  Part of Page 12 conversation:
Hana:...What class do you want to take together?
Mark: What about Introduction to Economics?
Hana: Do you have another suggestion?  I don't want to take that class.
Mark: How come?
Hana: ____________(Brian/ mean/ dirty...)___

5 If __________________, I will ___________________
6 What's happening in this picture: page 22, 35-36, 49
7 Page 23 questions

Unit 2
8 What volunteer work have you done?
9  Stu: Why were you late?
  Brian: _____
  Stu: Ok, that's reasonable.....OR   That's ridiculous!  Get out!
10 a) Brian asks student:
   Have you ever____?
  When, where, who..with, What ...........?

10 b) student asks Brian:
   Have you ever____?
  When, where, who..with, What ...........?

11 What do you think is the best _____ (coffee shop)?
12 Do you have special plans for summer vacation?

Unit 3
13 I feel (happy) because _________________.
14 I feel (tired) when _______________.
15 What would a good after exam party be like?
16 How do you study for your exams?  For this exam? For your major exam?
17 Look at the picture (p49). What are the people doing?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

First homework notes

I will be checking homework for the first few days of this week.  I will get to all the blogs as quickly as I can.

I normally remark on one problem.

As of Mar 31 at 8:00PM:

Class 161
Min-seong and Eun-jeong- the link didn't work
Hye-seung, and Joo-young, I like  your blog posts but don't know how to comment on it.  You may have to teach me how to log in.  You have credit for the post.  I was able to comment on Hyeon-hwa's blog.  Hwi-kwang, you have posted many comments - great work!  This one is too short to count, though.

Now a good comment should relate to the post.  This blogger likes K-pop, Running Man and Psy.  A good comment will mention one of  these things.
"Yoo Jae-suk is my favorite Running Man." would be a great comment.
" Is Big Spender Boyfriend a good translation into English for Opa Gangnam Style?"

April 2
Class 161: Hye-min, your link doesn't work for me.
Nam-yeol, your link doesn't work for me.
Jin-hwan, I cannot comment on your blog.  Please help me log in.
Class 224
Man-geon, Ju-eun, Choi Ji-yeong, Eun Ji-yeong and O-seon your link doesn't work for me.
Dae-han, Seon-a, Chaeri, Bong-geon, Minji, Jinju, June-won and Jeongmin, your blogs are still empty.  You have a few days but hurry!
Eunhee, I can see your blog post but I cannot comment.

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