Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Midterm exam questions

We will schedule 8-10 students to arrive in class on April 19 and the other 8-10 students to arrive on April 21.

These students will be randomly paired up with a partner.

The two students will meet Brian at the front of the class or in the hallway and do the exam. When they are done, they go home, they do not return to talk to their friends. This is not to stop cheating but to reduce noise.

Part 1

Each student asks partner 3 questions.
1) your choice
2+3) from this list.
Unit 1
a) Father's job?
b) 2 introduction questions ?
Unit 2
c) Do you ever/ Saturdays?
d) Enjoy/like/favorite / sport?
e) Where/hang out?
f) free time ?
Unit 3
g) enjoy/like/favorite movie?
h) enjoy/like/favorite music?
c) Where/movie?

Part 2
Brian asks each student one or two questions about their hobbies.
Answer needs (Hobby name, place, frequency, time, who with)

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