Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#229 reviews unit three

NEW E-Action class review unit-3

school number  changhee kim

 jungen hwang

class number:#229


you: I like action movies

how about you?

Your partner: well, I don't like action movies.

I like comedies movies.

1.starwars is spectacular.

2. 3days is boring.

3.home alone is funny. of rock is loud. actually is romantic.

6.Ring is scary. is violent.

8.sixth sense is amazing.

9.borat is exciting.

10.i am sam is relaxing.

11. shutter is thrilling.

I like fantasy movies. because they are spectacular.

starwars is a good example.

Focus on.
1 do you like classical music?

no. I don't like classical music.

2.what's your favorite kind of music?

I enjoy rock. because it makes me feel cool. do you like pop?

no. I don't like pop. because pop is boring.

4.what do you think of rock?

I love it.

5.what's your favorite song?

it's "island in the sun" by weezer. because weezer has an excellent melody. you listen to music on the internet?

yes I do."4shared" is great site for songs.

*yes=sure. ok. sounds good. great idea.

no= im sorry ~~~

A. Are you free tonight?

b. sure. about going to movies?

b.ok.what kind of movie do you want see? about an comedies movie?

b.i don't like comedies. I prefer action movie.

a.sounds perfect! I am a big fan of bruce Lee.

b.oh. I think he's great~!

a"enter the dragon" is one of my favorites. about renting it

a.great idea! we'll save money that way.

vocabulary and phrases

amazing boring exciting funny loud relaxing

romantic scary spectacular thrilling


action adventure animation comedies documentaries musicals

horror romantic folk

blues classic dance heavy metal hip-hop

jazz pop

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