Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fall 2011 Homework!

Students will make a blog and create 6 posts on the blog and comment on four other blogs.

Some students will already have a blog but be shy about sharing English content with their friends outside of class.  They can use their current blog or make a new one specifically for English class.
A small selection of free blog sites:  Blogger, wordpress.com, drupal, cyworld, naver blog...

Students must make at least six posts of 25 or more words.  A post can be text, audio, video or something else.  The student in each class who a) makes the most posts or b) has the largest number of comments on a post, will get a bonus.  Three posts will be based on school work - wait for me to tell you what to write about.  Three (or more) posts are your choice.
Students need to comment on the blogs of four other students.  Comments do not have to be long, but must include details from the post.  "I agree!" or "Good post" is not enough.  Neither is "I think this problem is important".
"I think the problem of high tuition is important" is a good comment.

I will talk about linking and quoting in class.  If most or all of a post is copied from another source, points will be deducted.

In week two and three (Sept 8-21), I will collect the names of the blogs and post links here on this blog.
Three blog posts should be on class material.  Here are  your options:
Unit 8 (Hobbies),
In 25 or more words, tell us about one of your hobbies

Unit 9 (goals and the future)
In 25 or more words, tell us plans you have for after university.  You could write about plans for a world trip, what kind of work you want or almost anything about your future.

Unit 11 (emotion)
In 25 or more words, tell us about a time  you were very happy (or sad or angry...)

Unit 12 (personality)
In 25 or more words, tell us about your personality  I would prefer this to be a positive report so tell us what  you like about yourself.

These blog posts should be written in the last week of that unit, except for personality, which should be written in the first week we work on that unit)

The other three (or more!) blog posts could be about anything.  Introduce yourself, tell us about  your weekend or your major.  Tell me about good places to visit or good movies to see.  If you think you can cook something well, teach us.  You need to write (at least) one per month.

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