Tuesday, 4 October 2011

tentative fall midterm for class 140

Class 140, Monday, Wednesday, 4pm in room 6501.

 Confirmed version.

Brian will ask you three questions from this list:

Unit 7
What did you do _____(past time)__.

lat night, last Saturday, in the summer, this morning.
Remember, don't answer 'Sleep'!
Give a full sentence and include details.
Unit 8
Tell me about your hobby.
Use full sentences.  Tell me what you do, where you do it and other details.
Which sport is this?
Brian will describe a sport; you name that sport.
Are we the same or different?
Use, "So am I", "So do I."... or "Neither do I"... or "I am"...
Can you ____?
Tell me if you can do the activity and if you are good at it or not.
Unit 9
Have you ever _____?
Tell me if you have done this and give details.
Ask Brian, "Have you ever ____?"
Ask Brian and ask follow up questions.

Job interview questions:
What are your strengths?
I am hard-working. For example, I am a university student, work part-time 
and do volunteer work at my church.

Then, with a partner that Brian selects, you will have a conversation based on this model:

1) A asks B a question supplied by Brian
  B answers the question with a complete but short sentence.
  A asks further questions on the subject.
A then tells Brian about B's activities.

The starting question will be one of:
a) A asks B about the past.
b) A asks B about his/her hobby.
c) A asks B about a seasonal activity
d) A asks B about a job or career that B is interested in.

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