Monday, 11 June 2012

Sample final exam questions, Spring 2012

Conversation 3 Practice Test

In class, I handed out sample questions for the final written Exam.  Here are images of that handout and the answers. 

Part 1 Choose the Best answer:
1) a
2) c
3) d
4) a
5) d
6) a
7) b

Part 2- Fill in the Blank
Park Sung-hun goes to Dongseo University.  He is a Sophomore student who is majoring in computer engineering.  Some of his classes are challenging but he enjoys learning.  This semester he is interested in joint a club.  He is not sure what club he wants to join, but he is looking into the photography club because he thinks it might be interesting.  Last year he often found himself in hot water when it came to final exams.  He would often have to stay up late the night before exams to cram.  This year he intends to do things differently.  He intends to be a hard-working student who prepares for his exams very early.

Part 3- REad the dialogue and circle T (True) or F (False).
1) F
2) F
3) F
4) F

Part 4 -Arrange the words to form a sentence.
1) I will join the photography club if I have enough time.
If I have enough time, I will join the photography club.
2) I believe that Europeans will become hooked on K-pop.
3) I get stressed when I have a test the next day.
4) It's hard for me to bake bread.
5) I'm really looking forward to summer.

Part 5 - Write the question
1) What happened to your hair?
2) What can we do to help us study?
What's the best way to study?   What's the best way to do well in class? …
3) What are your plans for next semester?
What are you going to do next semester?
4) Where do you go to school?
5) Let's get pizza for supper.
Do you want to have pizza tonight?

Part 6 - Answer the question
1) Any one of these answesr: I'm a junior.  I'm in third year.
I'm a senior.  I'm in fourth year.
2) Yes, I'm going to go to Seoul.
Yes, I'm working at a chicken restaurant.
No, I don't know what I am doing this summer.
3) Go to Homeplus and buy one - preferably Corona, it's very good.
In order to get a six pack, you should go jogging.
4) Yes, I had a bicycle accident last year.
No, I have never had an accident.
5) Yes, I stay up all night about three times a semester.

No, I never stay up all night reviewing study materials.

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