Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Unit 6 & 7 homework

Unit 6: "Unit 6:  Travel, tag questions, would/could/can
       Homework: Tell us about a 'hidden jewel'."
Due Wednesday, Sept 19.  I will start checking homework after 6:00pm on Wednesday.

Your blogpost should be 25+ words.  Include a description of the place and how to get there.  I would like photos but they are not required."

Unit 7: Play Traveler Challenge Geography game and achieve Level 3
Complete Level 3 and put a photo on your blog by October 7.  More info here.


Unit 6:  Travel, tag questions, would/could/can
        Homework: Tell us about a 'hidden jewel'.

Unit 7: Countries and cultures, taboos, natural disasters
        Play Traveler challenge game to level 3.

Unit 8: Emotions: nervous & confident, Presentations
        1 minute video about your hobby

Unit 9: Wishes, Bucket List, Adjectives & adverbs
        6,7,8,9,10 word sentences and pictures

Unit 10: Job Hunting; resumes and interviews, Regrets
        Prepare a resume.

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