Tuesday, 1 April 2014

First homework notes

I will be checking homework for the first few days of this week.  I will get to all the blogs as quickly as I can.

I normally remark on one problem.

As of Mar 31 at 8:00PM:

Class 161
Min-seong and Eun-jeong- the link didn't work
Hye-seung, and Joo-young, I like  your blog posts but don't know how to comment on it.  You may have to teach me how to log in.  You have credit for the post.  I was able to comment on Hyeon-hwa's blog.  Hwi-kwang, you have posted many comments - great work!  This one is too short to count, though.

Now a good comment should relate to the post.  This blogger likes K-pop, Running Man and Psy.  A good comment will mention one of  these things.
"Yoo Jae-suk is my favorite Running Man." would be a great comment.
" Is Big Spender Boyfriend a good translation into English for Opa Gangnam Style?"

April 2
Class 161: Hye-min, your link doesn't work for me.
Nam-yeol, your link doesn't work for me.
Jin-hwan, I cannot comment on your blog.  Please help me log in.
Class 224
Man-geon, Ju-eun, Choi Ji-yeong, Eun Ji-yeong and O-seon your link doesn't work for me.
Dae-han, Seon-a, Chaeri, Bong-geon, Minji, Jinju, June-won and Jeongmin, your blogs are still empty.  You have a few days but hurry!
Eunhee, I can see your blog post but I cannot comment.

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