Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fall Midterm Exam, 2012

2nd Year Fall Midterm Exam

The exam will be held during class time during the week of October 15-18.  I will have a signup sheet for you to pick which day your exam will be.  Only eleven students can sign up for one day.

The exam is based on class material covering Units 6, 7, and part of 8 (p118-120 and 124, activity 14)
Brian will assign you one conversation, three short-answer questions and two long(er) answer questions.  The exam's total score will be out of 20 marks.

Conversation: (Brian chooses one of these conversations)
1) Brian is a Customs Official at an American Airport.  He will ask you questions. (P92)
2) You have left your passport on the plane.  Brian is an Information Clerk. (P95)
Score ___/6

Short answer questions: (Brian chooses three of these questions)
1) Answer a tag question (p91)
2) Make a request based on a situation. (p96)
3) Read an order and change it to a request. (p94)
4) Look at a map and name three countries that Brian chooses.(p104)
5) Ask Brian an impolite question (p107)
6) What does this hand sign mean? (p116)
7) What does this emotion idiom mean? (p118)
8) What does this emoticon mean? (p124)
Score 3 X ( ___/2)

Long(er) answer questions: (Brian chooses two of these questions)
1) Brian asks you 1~4 questions about past travel.
2) You ask Brian 1~4 questions about past travel.
3) Brian asks you 1~4 questions about possible future travel.
4) You ask Brian 1~4 questions about possible future travel.
5) Tell Brian some cultural differences between Canadians and Koreans.
6) Tell Brian about a Korean Natural Disaster. (What, when, where,….)
7) Tell Brian about a time you 'felt steamed up' or 'had butterflies in your stomach'…
8) Tell me about a presentation you gave: the subject, the length and what you did well or not-so-well.
Score 2X (__/4)

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